Activity: The Power of Story

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Just released! A 2015 book (101 More Ways to Make Training Active by Elaine Biech) that contains several activities on business storytelling that the author has gotten readers permission to use. My contribution is on the power of story in training to get attendees to realize they already have valuable knowledge/skills on a specific subject they're [...]

“Telling Tales at the Office” – Toastmaster Magazine

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Here's a terrific short article by Caren Neile, PhD, ATMS, CL, on storytelling as a business tool, published in Toastmaster, February 2015. You can link to it here: http://business-storytelling.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Telling-Tales-at-the-Office.pdf The article covers: Why storytelling in business Who tells stories in business Four tips on what makes an effective story When are stories used in business What is [...]

A Story Trigger Sparks Customer Engagement

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Once every couple of months I drive 42 miles, which takes me 53 minutes, to AutoNation in Chandler, AZ to get my 2005 Honda CRV serviced. Now I know you're probably thinking that this makes no logical sense. That there must be a Honda dealer closer to where I live. And you're right. There is. [...]

Interview: How to Use Stories Throughout the Change Process

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In my December 2013 interview with Emma Murphy of The Change Source, I was able to weave new information and client examples not found in Chapter 16 of Business Storytelling for Dummies into my responses to her questions: What’s causing more and more organizations to embrace storytelling within their change communications? How can we get [...]