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President’s Invited Session: Waking Up the General Public to the Importance of Laboratory Tests. Using Effective Story Telling

2015 American Association of Clinical Chemists Annual Meeting. July 27, 2015, Atlanta, GA.

Get Noticed and Be Heard: Opening Keynote Story


Lori spent more than 20 hours honing this unique keynote opening to 550+ ASCLS members that features one member’s unforgettable work experience. This, along with interviewing attendees in advance, are some of the many value-added items Lori brings to her keynote engagements. The result? Lori received perfect evaluation scores! Sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.

Get Noticed and Be Heard: Reducing Turnover Example

Audience members are still engaged more than 30 minutes into Lori’s keynote as she provides an example of how stories dramatically reduced turnover in a healthcare setting. Read why “Labs Are Vital” (Abbott Labs) is buzzing about Lori’s story work.

Interview with Lori Silverman on Story is Alive, Association Forum of Chicagoland

Stories play a critical role in how associations conduct their business and in the successes they achieve. Lori explains how this can occur and the results documented in her book, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over.

The Power of Story: Interview with Alan Todd, Chairman of CorpU

Lori talks with Alan Todd, Chairman of CorpU about using story as a strategy for competitive advantage. She outlines how DDI used story to deploy strategic priorities to 1000 employees in 76 offices across the world. Notice how effectively Lori delivers her remarks with no advanced preparation—or video edits.

Using Stories to Improve Strategy

Lori talks with her host, Sally Fox, PhD, of Engaging Presence in this 53 minute episode of Vital Presence Radio Show about how wise organizations can make their strategic planning, environmental scanning, and futuring more effective through the skillful use of business storytelling. In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Why Lori doesn’t introduce herself as a business storyteller.
  • The difference between sense-making and meaning-making and how story serves the latter.
  • How to use story prompts and story triggers to elicit great stories from others.
  • How to use story in future-planning, including visioning and scenario planning.
  • Why you should never start a story by saying “Let me tell you a story.”

Show Notes

Vital Presence Radio Show on iTunes (Nov. 1, 2015 episode)

Storytelling: Just a Technique? Or a Core Competency?

Everyone is talking about storytelling. Is it just a technique that will catch on with a few people but pass through like so many other business approaches? Or, is it a core competency that we are only scratching the surface of in business? If so, how do we utilize story in a way that makes it stick in organizations and in business overall? In this one-hour episode of Story Powered® on The VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network, Lori and her host, Lianne Picot discuss these questions and more.

The VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network

Story Powered® on iTunes (Oct. 27, 2015 episode)

How Memorable Are You?

Networking events. Conferences. Professional meetings. If you want to encourage conversation, an elevator speech about yourself won’t cut it. In this podcast, Lori shares a story from a coaching client about what he says when he’s asked, “What do you do?” Paul and Lori also discuss the types of stories to have in your hip pocket so you’re prepared to answer this question and how to find them. Click here to see a transcript of the story..

How to Use Stories Throughout the Change Process: Interview with The Change Source

Lori talks with Emma Murphy of The Change Source, on how to use stories from the inception of a change through its implementation. The content in this podcast gives examples that are not in Chapter 16 of Business Storytelling for Dummies.

Making the Case for Change Through Stories

Rick Maurer helps people lead change without migraines™. In this podcast, he interviews Lori about how she used stories to make a case for change and keep the message alive throughout the life of a big project that she conducted with the world’s largest women’s service organization. You can learn more about Rick’s work at Beyond Resistance and Tools for Change.

OnAir with InBusiness

Lori spent an hour with Joan Gillman and Jody Glynn Patrick discussing her book, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over.


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