“Telling Tales at the Office” – Toastmaster Magazine

Here’s a terrific short article by Caren Neile, PhD, ATMS, CL, on storytelling as a business tool, published in Toastmaster, February 2015. You can link to it here:


The article covers:

  • Why storytelling in business
  • Who tells stories in business
  • Four tips on what makes an effective story
  • When are stories used in business
  • What is the best way to present a story

My most favorite quotation from Caren: “… unlike many other forms of communication, storytelling is not a top-down process. It is just as useful when peers tell stories to peers, or employees to bosses. That’s because storytelling is the great equalizer. The sharing of story is such a potent activity that it imparts power to the powerless, and gives voice to the voiceless.”

Where do you need to impart power to the powerless, or give voice to the voiceless?

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