Stories Trainers Tell

“‘Stories Trainers Tell’ doesn’t just give you powerful stories, it helps you turn your experiences into compelling narratives, people and teams into heroes worth emulating and new changes into enduring traditions. It will help your own wisdom penetrate and be remembered through the stories you tell.”
Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE, past president of the National Speakers Association and author of 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro and They Shoot Managers Don’t They?

Telling stories is a powerful way to make a point, especially when the stories are compelling, well constructed, and poignant. This book captures more than 80 thought-provoking stories contributed by trainers, nationally known speakers, consultants, business leaders, and professional storytellers that help make challenging ideas and abstract concepts more memorable, even unforgettable. The stories are organized around major organizational development themes, such as:

  • leadership,
  • appreciating differences,
  • teamwork and collaboration,
  • communication and feedback,
  • individual performance and coaching,
  • persuasion and influence,
  • motivation, and
  • customer service.

Accompanying 55 of the stories are training modules with tips and techniques for sharing it. Also included are activities to maximize its impact and learning potential. Permission has been obtained so you as speaker/trainer can distribute the stories in workshops and presentations.

“For teachers, trainers, speakers, coaches and leaders at every level, this is the single most complete and useful resource I have seen for putting the power of storytelling to work for you immediately. It not only gives you stories to tell, it teaches you how to create and tell your own.”
– Tom Hilgart, vice president, Learning & Development, CNA Insurance

Book contributors include: Merrill Anderson, Jean Barbazette, Joe Barnes, Paula Bartholome, Chip Bell, Geoff Bellman, William Austin Boone, Sharon L. Bowman, Karen D. L. Bryson, Chris Clarke-Epstein, Hortencia Delgadillo, Larry English, Marcy Fisher, Suzann Gardner, Joan Gillman, Steve Hanamura, Lunell Haught, Sandra Hoskins, Katherine M. Hudson, David Hutchens, Joan Lloyd, Kate Lutz, Robert McIlree, Maureen G. Mulvaney (MGM), Kathy A. Nielsen, Clare Novak, Julie O’Mara, Laura V. Page, Jonathan M. Preston, John Renesch, Shelley R. Robbins, Marcia Ruben, Sheriene Saadati, Edward E. Scannell, LG Shanklin-Flowers, Bob Shaver, Doug Stevenson, Ed Tate, Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, and David Zach.

“Bravo Mary and Lori! You’ve given your own profession a wonderful gift. Your contribution will be used by trainers for many years to come.”

– Beverly Kaye, CEO, Career Systems International, co-editor: Learning Journeys: Top Management Experts Share Hard-Earned Lessons On Becoming Great Mentors and Leaders


"Stories Trainers Tell is a ‘must have’ resource for any new or experienced trainer, speaker, or educator. It provides a wealth of ‘real world’ stories that you can use to help bring life, fun, and insight to a variety of learning situations and topics.”
- Richard Chang, CEO, Richard Chang Associates, Inc. and author of The Passion Plan and The Passion Plan at Work

“Trainers and speakers from every discipline will create memorable presentations with use of this fine book. It explores the purposes for using stories, provides great stories that can be adapted for speaker presentations, discusses the elements of a successful story and even gives step-by-step guidance on creating new stories. This is a ‘must have’ book for speakers wanting to better relate to their audiences.”

- Linda B. Ewing, vice president, Marketing and Sales, CUNA Credit Union

“As leaders and managers, we are all teachers within an organization and one of our most powerful tools in humanizing the mission of the organization is storytelling. This book serves as a comprehensive guide to unleashing that power to create a vivid picture of the organization’s and people’s potential.”

- Jacquelyn Fredrick, president and CEO, Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin and former senior vice president, American Red Cross

“The most effective employee-development programs influence emotion, not just thought. Authors Silverman and Wacker understand this power of narrative to impact feelings, and provide a rich mine of insights and applications for using stories in the service of training.”
Peter Orton, Ph.D., chief learning designer, IBM Center for Advanced Learning

“A good story is worth its weight in gold! And the stories compiled by Lori and Mary are worth ten times the price of the book they have written. This is a true gift to all trainers and consultants. Thank you Lori and Mary.”

- Elaine Biech, author, The Business of Consulting

“Stories Trainers Tell is full of fun, entertaining, and useful stories that help bring any training alive. Use it and watch people smile and learn!”

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager® and Whale Done!™

“This highly useful book is an immediate source of good stories to enrich training. But even more useful are the chapters on how to develop and present your own stories! A wonderful addition to any trainer’s resource shelf.”
- Barbara Benedict Bunker, Ph.D., professor of psychology emerita, The University at Buffalo (SUNY)

“I’ve forgotten most of everything I’ve ever learned, but I rarely forget a good story. This book will support you in telling stories that penetrate deep. Great storytelling will create magical links to the listener, resulting in sustained impact and transformation.”

- Thomas Crum, author of Journey to Center and The Magic of Conflict

“In my training experience, I have found storytelling to be one of the most powerful ways to deepen learning. This book provides trainers, consultants and others with valuable tools and ideas to create and deliver engaging stories for any audience.”
Reggie Owens, manager, Global Learning and Development, Rockwell Automation

“People learn best through stories-something they can relate to and remember. Stories Trainers Tell will provide me with a resource to help when I‘m struggling to find just that right story. What a wonderful resource for all trainers and facilitators.”

- Kathy Zarr, director, Management Training and Facilitation Services, Fiserv, Inc.